Soup Kitchen International

This project is a redesign of a soup company called "The Original Soup Man. I began the process with researching the company and found that they were originally called "Soup Kitchen International". I decided to rebrand them to their original name, and to give the packaging an old school propaganda style feel. This aesthetic fit well with the imagery of old soup kitchen lines from World War II, and made sense within the context of the name. I wanted the owner Al to be front and center, in a proud, almost dictator like pose. Al was often called a tyrant by his customers due to his strict rules and, and cruelty with his patrons. But his soup was so good, they kept coming back for more. A Seinfeld episode was based on Al's soup kitchen in New York, where Al would constantly proclaim "No soup for you!" That phrase has been reconstructed to become "Soup for all!"

Rough thumbnail sketches of packaging concepts
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