Sofreh is fast casual Persian food. Sofreh represents community, delicious food, and a modern twist on traditional Persian cuisine. Sofreh is a warm and friendly atmosphere we're people who enjoy trying new foods can gather, enjoy each other’s company, and eat amazing dishes. Sofreh serves Persian food because we feel that it is an untapped market with cultures who are unfamiliar with this delicious food. Sofreh feels that providing customers with a fresh, hot meal, and fostering an atmosphere that promotes community and connections with others, can turn people on to a food from a culture that many have yet to discover. Sofreh aims to be a destination for people of every culture who enjoy trying new types of food, are fans of Persian cuisine, and those who just want to have a hot meal in a beautiful atmosphere and share life with others. We encourage connection, community, and healthier alternatives than the fast food, fast paced life we have all become a part of. We encourage our patrons to slow down, talk to the stranger sitting next to them over a delicious meal or hot cup of tea, and make that stranger a friend. Sofreh wants their patrons to feel welcome, comfortable, and that they are part of something bigger than themselves when dining with us. We also want our customers to leave with a strong sense of satisfaction having enjoyed a great meal at a fair price. But most of all we want them to feel a connection to the culture, the community, and to their environment that is Sofreh. The target consumers are people that enjoy trying ethnic foods that they are unfamiliar with, existing fans of Persian cuisine that are looking for a more convenient alternative to a full blown dining experience (which typically is the only way to get a good Persian meal), and people that are looking for a faster and healthier dining experience than fast food joints, without sacrificing quality, atmosphere, and without putting a huge dent in their pocketbooks.

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