Disenchantment Official Merchandise

This is a collection of some of the designs I created for our official Disenchantment line of merchandise. What is Disenchantment you say?

DISENCHANTMENT is an adult animated comedy series from the mind of Matt Groening. The series takes place in the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland and it follows the adventures of a hard-drinking princess named Bean, her diminutive elf companion Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. Along the way, the oddball trio encounters ogres, sprites, mermaids, talking antelopes, trolls, walruses, and lots of human fools.

The series currently streams worldwide on NETFLIX in 190 countries and 30 languages. Merchandise partners such as Bravado, Bioworld, Lowe and Sons, Hot Topic, and others, give fans a slice of Dreamland with apparel, accessories, and collectibles targeted to adult consumers throughout the world.
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